NZD/USD analysis – SELL Opportunity Setup

by Nov 4, 2019Setups

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Today, 05.11.2019. we have another SELL opportunity on the NZD/USD trading pair.

We have several signals that are pointing down:

  • D1 bearish engulfing bar
  • D1 Divergence
  • D1 resistance line

Something that must be pointed here is that we are currently in small uptrend and the resistance is not directly on the resistance channel line.

Possible SELL could gone to 0.6343 level. This is my opinion so everyone should do their own research before taking the trade.

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Yesterday,22.10.2019., NZD/USD trading pair have made Pin Bar setup with several additional signals.

All signals are suggesting that the pair could get back down at least to the first support.

Here are daily signals that are in favor of selling this pair:

  • Daily Pin Bar
  • Daily RSI divergence
  • Double Top
  • Resistance line


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