My name is Frano Grgić and I am author of this Forex blog called GetKnowTrading.

I am engineer who entered into Forex world searching for new opportunities. I believe that Forex(Foreign exchange market) is opportunity for additional income.

This Forex blog is started after I have read a lot of other blogs and portals searching for new information. All those information were strange to me and I could not understand them because Forex was not familiar in my common life.

So I get an idea to gather all information here and share my own understanding about Forex.

Blog will be written as a help for all of new readers in Forex market and those who would like to get more knowledge.

I’ll try to explain everything in a simplified way so everyone can understand what I am talking about so no one leave this blog with something unclear.

This blog is updated when new interesting topic appears in Forex market or if you, as a reader, would like that I cover and explain it.

So, now you can start reading posts on the blog.

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After you read all sections you can contact me or leave a comment if you want something to be covered or something is unclear.

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