5 Must Know Components

Discover the 5 key “must know” components to transform yourself from a beginner to a trader

Trading Tools


Find out what tools you need as a beginner to start trading in a proper way

Trading Basics


Learn what trading basics you need to know to be a trader. 

Use money management

Learn how to manage profit and loss on each trade and take the best from each trade you open

Ultimate Tutorial for Traders

This tutorial have all what is needed about trading. It includes step by step guide:

How to start trading

What are trading basics every trader must know

Risk Management

Foundation strategy with supply and demand


Learn How To Trade On

The Forex Market

Trading Community: Learn the 5 Steps to Transform Yourself From a Beginner to a Trader

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Let's teach you how to trade so you can work less and live more

In this FREE workshop I will teach you:

  • What you need to learn to be a trader
  • Which tools you need for trading
  • What are trading basics you need to know
  • Which order types exist you can use to make money
  • Which trading tools to use to calculate the profit and loss on each trade

Trading is what I do. Teaching is my thing and my knowledge in trading is shared throughout the world. In this exclusive trading community I want to show you how you can become a trader.

Support and resistance

Forex Trading Guide

This Forex Trading tutorial is built for Forex traders who want to learn more.

Whether that be as a beginner in trading or experienced trader who wants to learn more about trading and improve trading results, it does not matter.

You will find here step by step trading guide

How to use this Forex trading guide?

Start from the top if you are beginner and follow articles one by one and you will have all what is needed to start trading

If you are an experienced trader then pick one topic and dive deeper into that topic and find what you want to learn.

Forex Trading Guide From a Beginner to a Trader

I will start with foundation knowledge you need to learn to start trading on the Forex market.

This step by step Forex trading guide will show you what are the first steps you need to learn before moving further with learning.

At the end this is what you will know and what you will:

  1. have basic knowledge about Forex
  2. trading platform and trading account
  3. know what trading terms you need to know
  4. how to open an order and what orders exist

Follow articles below one by one because I have arranged them in a logical way so you as a beginner will have proper foundation before moving forward.

In this trading guide I will add new articles when I see that I must cover something, so feel free to check once a while if something is new added or subscribe to get notified.

Forex Trading Guide for Beginners

This is the first part of what you need to learn to start Forex trading. Introduce yourself into the Forex market and learn what you should do by trading on the Forex.

Forex Trading for beginners shows you what are the steps you need to learn.

Those steps are:

  • Learn what is Forex market, what Forex means and what is Forex industry
  • Then you need to learn what steps you need to take when starting trading on the Forex as a beginner
  • Which tools you will need to trade on the Forex as a beginner
  • Can you make money on the Forex
  • How much money to invest to start trading as a beginner

All the steps above and much more details I have prepared for you in the trading tutorial Forex trading for beginners.

Forex Currency Pairs Tutorial

Forex currency pairs is the second Forex trading tutorial where you will learn all about currencies.

Currency pairs are the basic element you will trade on the Forex. You will decide which currency pair to trade.

To select a currency pair as a beginner in Forex trading is not easy. There are currency pairs that are harder, more expensive and not worthy to trade and you need to know which are those.

On the other side there are Forex trading pairs that are great for beginners in Forex. Those are EURUSD, EURGBP for example.

But there are many more of them. I have prepared lots of articles for you to introduce necessary knowledge to you so you know which one to pick and start trading on the Forex.

The article Forex Currency Pairs have all that knowledge so I suggest you take a look and read them all to pick the best one.

Trading Guide About Forex Trading Basics

Without knowing trading basics which is Pip, Lot, Leverage and Margin you will not be able to move forward.

If you do not know what a Pip, Bid and Ask, Lot size or Leverage ratio is then this part will help you understand that.

Forex trading basics are crucial topics you need in each order you want to open. You need to define risk and reward on each trade and for that you need Pips, Lot size and Leverage.

Well, maybe you do not know them right now, but I have an article that will help you understand them. And, how to use them in real examples.

Here is a trading guide about Forex Trading Basics.

Forex Trading Platform Guide

When you learn what is Forex and what you trade on the Forex the next part is to get the trading platform. Forex trading platform guide is here to show you how to download a trading platform and how to use it for trading.

You need to know how to prepare the charts, how to understand charts to analyze the market and be ready for trading.

THere are tools in the trading platform which this trading guide will help you understand and teach you when to use them.

All the necessary knowledge I have put in the article called Forex Trading Platform.

A Trading Guide for Forex Order Types

And now. The best part.

You know what is Forex, you know what are the trading basics, you have trading platform and now you need to take all of that and start trading.

To start trading you need to open an order in the trading platform. And to do that you need to open buy or sell order.

Buy or sell order is an action you take in the trading platform to make or lose money. If you predict correct price direction you will make money. On the other hand if you predict wrong way for the price you will lose money.

To open correct order you need to know which order types exist. To help you with that I have made a trading guide which explains all that

Feel free to read it and put in the practice all about Forex order types.

Telegram Channel

Telegram Channel Telegram Channel is for traders who want to get daily analysis. Traders get notification on the Telegram Channel with explanation and image of the chart when there is a breakout on the supply or demand zone. A breakout means potential movement on the...

read more

Risk of Ruin Calculator

Risk of Ruin Calculator is a calculator in Forex that gives you two values: Risk of peak-to-valley drawdown Risk of ruin Both values are meant to show the probability of ruin on your trading account. The risk of ruin calculator needs trading results that you have...

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Ultimate Tutorial for Traders

This tutorial have all what is needed about trading. It includes step by step guide:

How to start trading

What are trading basics every trader must know

Risk Management

Foundation strategy with supply and demand


Forex Trading Analysis Tutorial

It is time to learn how to analyze the market so you can increase the profitability of the trades you open.

There are different trading analyses and here you will learn about them.

Each section below is a separate trading tutorial for you where you will learn how to make proper analysis in trading.

Consume one by one tutorial so you get most out of each tutorial.

Forex Technical Analysis

There are several types of analysis, but the technical analysis I am using in my trading is the best one. At least for me.

If you are a technical guy and you like using simple tools then this trading tutorial is for you.

You will use simple support and resistance lines, trend lines and channels to determine where the price will stop or bounce.

By adding price action analysis that uses candlesticks patterns then you will increase the outcome success.

For that I suggest you read the trading guide about Technical Analysis.

Forex Trading Indicators Tutorial

If you are a technical person or you like technical tools in trading and analysis of the markets then you have an option to use trading indicators.

Trading indicators are the tool that helps you determine the price direction of a certain pair. Indicators use different approaches so you need to understand them all to get the desired outcome.

To help you with that I have made a trading tutorial that will help you understand them. Here is the article that explains all what I know about Forex Trading Indicators.

Forex Trading Broker Guide

This broker trading guide will show you all you need to find the best Forex broker.

You will find a list of Forex brokers I am using and which you can use in your trading.

If you are a beginner then find these brokers as a first broker you will use because they offer you low entry investment and demo account for practicing.

Here is a guide which brokers exist on the Forex market, which ones are the best and what to watch when selecting a broker you will trade with.

Read more: Forex Broker

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