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what is 1.00 in forex

What is 1.00 in Forex What is 1.00 in Forex is the lot size you will use to open the trade. Lot size or Volume is the same but some traders are using different words. In the Metatrader 4 you will see Volume in the window when you want to open new trade. Volume or lot...

What is Lot Size in Forex

Updated version - first version was published on 26.12.2019. Whoever trades on the Forex market he knows that the Lot size in Forex have high impact on the trading result. Many traders have the problem using Lot size in the Forex because it is not easily explained in...

What is a Margin Call in Forex

If you ever get a margin call, and I think there is no trader that did not get at least once, it means you are learning how to trade on Forex. Margin call is a last call for you to wake up and protect your money from being wiped completely from the market. What is the...

EURUSD is Targeting 1.25000. History Could Repeat

EURUSD Outlook EURUSD Yesterday's chart analysis  The market week behind us has done a huge move forward. The price has done two things I have mentioned in the previous week forecast. The price: Made a pullback to $1.18150 - $1.18200 area Bounced back above...

EURUSD Ahead of Strong Confluence of Resistance

EURUSD Outlook EURUSD Yesterday's chart analysis In the analysis from the last week I said that the market does not look too bullish that would move the price easily up to $1.19000. The market overview shows just that. The week started with the open price at $1.18395...

EURUSD In the Middle of Range Area

EURUSD Outlook EURUSD Yesterday's chart analysis In the previous analysis I have pointed out that the two things can happen. the pair could reach $1.19000 and then make a pullback to $1.18200. Both points were realized last week in just one day, on Monday. The price...


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