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Forex trading analysis on currency pairs based on price action analysis.

EURUSD Forecast – $1.01368 Expected

EURUSD Analysis TodayPrevious EURUSD forecast mentioned the price could find a breakout to the downside, but we should be carefull and wait for a confirmation. The breakout was on Tuesday and the confirmation was not visible in the following days. The confirmation signal with daily candle close...

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EURUSD Forecast – Indecision Range

EURUSD Analysis TodayPrevious EURUSD forecast talked about price reaching $1.02975 after successful bullish breakout to the upside. The price started with an indecision candle where the bulls and bears could not take the price to higher or lower levels. Small bullish indecision candle has formed...

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EURUSD Forecast – $1.03920 Target

EURUSD Analysis TodayPrevious EURUSD forecast talked about $1.06736 that needs to hold if we want to see the price on higher levels. The price returned to $1.06736 and formed a bullish Pin bar on daily time frame. The price moved higher and reached a $1.07825 supply zone which was too hard to...

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EURUSD Forecast – $1.06400 Bulls Target

EURUSD Analysis TodayPrevious EURUSD forecast talked about price making a retrace to $1.04700 and the price has done that. The retrace happened pretty quickly. Just in two days the price returned and reached that level. On Tuesday the price made a strong bullish candle reaching high levels inside...

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EURUSD Forecast – Wait for a Breakout

EURUSD Analysis TodayPrevious EURUSD forecast talked about price making a retrace to $1.06736 and the price retraced, but only to $1.06410. It was close to the first target, but there is selling pressure on the upper side that is preventing that. If we check the candles that were formed during the...

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EURUSD Forecast – $1.07825 Next Target

EURUSD Analysis TodayIn the EURUSD previous analysis I have mentioned the price is targeting $1.09860 and the price done that. And if the price breaks below that price we could see the price heading down to $1.08846 if the $1.09860 is broken. And price has done that easily where we did not see any...

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EURUSD Forecast – $1.07825 as a Target

EURUSD Analysis TodayIn the previous two weeks the price is in bearish mode without any signs of recovering in the short term. Only a few bullish candles have formed on the downtrend channel support line. But those candles were short lasting and did not have any support on the following candles....

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EURUSD Forecast – Bears Have Took Over

EURUSD Forecast EURUSD chart analysis The price has dropped strongly after the first two days where we can see two bearish candles with large wicks. Those wicks representing the price had a strong support at the $1.13094 level. On Wednesday the price managed to break below previous two day wicks...

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EURUSD Forecast – $1.14748 First Target

EURUSD Forecast EURUSD chart analysis Last two weeks the EURUSD price was in the range between $1.12350 on the bottom side and $1.13600 on the upper side. The price was making its way up every few days and had stopped for a while close to the downtrend channel. The downtrend channel line posed a...

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