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Master Supply and Demand With This Comprehensive Online Course

Supply and Demand online course is the foundation of all analysis on the market. It is foundation that you can use an dbuild other analysis with additional tools like support/resistance levels, price action, indicators etc…

If you know the foundation it is easy to understand everything else and add your touch to that analyis to fit you trading style.

Why Choose This Course

  • Experienced Instructor: Learn from a trader who is expert in using Supply and Demand in analysis
  • Lifetime Access: Once you enroll, you’ll have lifetime access to course content and updates


  • Think Analysis is hard
  • This Supply and Demand is technical jargon and hard to understand
  • Do not know how to draw supply and demand zones
  • Do not know how to read supply and demand zones

This course will help you understand how everything works.

What You Will Learn in This Course?

Here are the lessons you will have inside the course:

Lesson 1

Support and resistance levels are the first step in making the technical analysis.

What are the rules good to follow and what are the steps necessary to draw them I will explain in this video.

Metatrader 4 demo account - New demo account open

Lesson 2

This lesson will show you how to draw support and resistance levels on EURUSD currency pair.

You will see what to pay attention to when drawing lines.

Setup Metatrader 4 Chart - Change Chart Appearance - Visual

Lesson 3

This lesson will show you how to draw trendlines that help to define the market trend.

When you combine trendlines and make channels you will see how the price follows the lines as dynamic support and resistance lines.

18_Mailbox tab in MT5

Lesson 4

This lesson will show you how to put the supply and demand zone on the chart.

You will see how support and resistance lines get an area around them that presents the supply zone where the sellers are and demand zone where the buyers are.

Trendline support and resistance

Lesson 5

Here you will how supply zone is formed around resistance horizontal line.

There is an upper and lower zone around horizontal line and each has its own interpretation.

14_Navigator window in MT5 on PC

Lesson 6

This lesson will show you what is confluence of support and resitsance that forms on the chart.

More than 1 support indicator at the same price level makes a confluence which adds more strength to that position.


Lesson 7

Pin bar or engulfing bar are not the same each time they form on the chart.

There are rules to follow to define correct signal and canfde formation.


Lesson 8

Supply and Demand zone are not respcted equaly when price moves up or down.

There are certain rules to follow when looking for supply and demand zones on the chart.


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