Truth About Forex

There are some questions many traders are asking and they want to know answers from experts

In this trading guide I will tell you what are the most asked questions about Forex and what are the truths in trading.

If you have asked yourself what are beginners mistakes, how much money you need to start trading then this guide will be useful.

Should You Trade on Forex – 9 Reasons for – YES

Do you need reason why you should trade on the Forex?

How Long Demo Trade Before Going Live

Do not get too early into trading with live money, but also do not stay too long on demo account because you will have problems.

Which one? Read this article and find out.

How to be Profitable Part-Time Trader With 9 to 5 Job

It is hard to combine Forex trading with daily job and daily tasks.

But, there is a chance to succeed and to make that happen I suggest you take the next steps

Beginner Trading Mistake - Stop Doing in Order to Succeed in Forex

Beginner mistakes sometimes can be crucial in Forex trading.

Not making them or not repeating them is also good to avoid losing money and time

How Much Money do You Need to Start Forex Trading

As much as you have, but having $1000 would be good starting point

Can I Get Rich by Forex Trading With $100 Dollars

You can, but it will take some special skills in trading to make that happen.

But, it is always easier and better to have more money to trade with.

Do I Need 1000 Pips to Get Rich

It is not only about number of pips in trading. It is also about value of a pip.

How to Stay Consistent Forex Trader

Staying focused is not easy part. Quick wins can trick you and losing strike can hurt you and force you to make wrong moves. You need something to stay consistent.

Why Forex Traders Fail? The Root Cause?

There are few reasons why traders fail in Forex trading. It is possible to solve that problem, but it takes effort to succeed.

How to Be Successful Forex Trader When so Many Fail

There are steps you need to follow to avoid failing in trading on the Forex. Being patient and focused can be starting point

What Really Turned My Trading Around

I will share with you what was the thing I have done to change my trading. You can also learn from my mistakes

Is Trading Forex a Scam - Lost All Your Money?

If you ask yourself is Forex SCAM then I will tell you it is not a scam. If you have been scammed on the Forex then I am sorry, but you can avoid that

Is Forex Trading Gambling? Is Trading Pure Luck?

Forex is not gambling, but it can become if you put all on red. Pure luck is always welcome, but in trading is not all in pure luck

Does Anyone Really Make Money by Trading Forex

There a lot of traders that make money and you will not see them braging around. Would you?

Is it Possible to Earn a Lot of Money on Forex

Forex have few trillions traded per day and you can take some of it if you know how to trade. How much can you take depends on you

Trade Forex With Less Than $1,000 and You Will Lose Everything

Why $1000? You will understand when you read an example I have prepared for you

Realistic Monthly Return for a Forex Trader

Each month with steady income? Yes, it is possible.

What is realistic? You can have $100, $500 or even more. But that depends on some criteria

How Much Does the Average Forex Trader Make

Average trader makes few dollars which he loses very quickly.

But, those who do not lose they make a solid amount of money

Forex Trading for a Living - How Much Money do You Need

If you are looking to trade on the Forex for a living then you need to know few things.

How much money do you spend now will be the starting point to find out how much you need for trading

What do I Need to do to Build Wealth by Trading Forex

Building wealth is not easy with trading on the Forex.

One of the most important things is to ne disciplined

You Don’t Have a Trading Mentor? You are Wasting Your Time!

If you do not want to waste your time and not to lose money for nothing then read why it is good to have a mentor

11 Things in Forex That Annoys You Most

11 things that annoys you or you can expect to annoy you in you trading journey. Read them and try to calm down and do not let them annoy you

Holy Grail Trading Strategy in Forex

Are you looking for Holy Grail in Forex? Do you what is that and does it exists?

21 Question What Every Forex Trader Still Wants To Know

21 questions that traders wants to know…

You will surely find the most looked Forex truth in here

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