Holy Grail Trading Strategy in Forex

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You are reading all over the Internet about Holy Grail trading strategy but no one tells you any. They all say they are also looking for it but did not find one or they say they have one.

Those who do not have holy grail trading strategy are searching further in hope to find some strategy that will make money for them.

Those who thinks that they have holy grail trading strategy they offer it to you telling you that it is profitable. You have all the rules you need to follow and trading strategy will give 90% or 100% win rate.

Would that be nice to find trading strategy that gives you 90% win rate. It means you can make money as much you want.

If you are already experienced trader you will stop and think about that strategy because something is not as it should be.

If you are beginner in Forex trading you will immediately click on the link and see how to download holy grail trading strategy.

Why you would click on the link immediately as a beginner, and if you are experienced you would think about clicking?

Let me answer you this Forex trading question and here is Forex truth about holy grail.

What is Holy Grail Trading Strategy

Holy Grail trading strategy is the system where you cannot make bad decision. All trades you open are wining trades.

The strategy is so good that the problem is only how much money will you make. The risk management is defined and if you follow it strictly you cannot have bad trade.

The holy grail trading strategy can consist of trading indicator, EA(Expert Advisor or Robot) or certain steps and rules how to enter the trade.

Each trade open is correct.

If you buy you will enter at the lowest point in the market and the only way where price can go will go up which is good for you.

If you sell you will enter at the highest point in the market and the only way where price can go will go down which is good for you.

This means you are buying and the low and selling at the high peak of the market. And this is something all traders are seeking but cannot predict 100% when it will happen and where is that spot.

Is There Holy Grail Trading Strategy

There is no Holy Grail trading strategy because no trading strategy can give you 100% win rate without having losing trade.

It is impossible to predict all the movements in the market. If you would have that means you control the market and when you open sell order market moves down. If you open buy order market moves up and you make money.

That is controlling market and that would not be possible because you would be banned from the market. Forex is decentralized and no one can move the whole market.

You should not search for the holy grail trading strategy but you should look for profitable trading strategy.

If There is no Holy Grail Trading Strategy What Should I Look for?

To succeed in trading Forex you should search for good risk management, discipline, rules that helps you select the best trade signal.

You need to find trading strategy that will help you save your money and minimize risk when you open bad trade.

The one of the most usual cases why traders fail and why the cannot succeed in trading Forex is because they cannot control the risk they put in each trade.

You should be patient and make risk management strategy which will allow you to lose 1-2% on each trade you open. Also your wining trades should give you more than what you lose.

If you follow that trading strategy you will make a lot of money trading Forex in the long run. You will have holy grail trading strategy in Forex.

What matters in trading Forex is not how much money you make when you are right but how much money you lose when you are wrong.

To make that happen you need to be patient and to be disciplined with consistency.

Holy Grail Trading Strategy in Forex

To give you more details about the holy grail trading strategy I will explain what to look for.

There are two things you should have if you want to have holy grail trading strategy. Those two things are written trading strategy and emotional discipline.

Written Trading Strategy

Sit down and write each rule you have for entry and exit on each trade you plan to open. Write down rules and steps from the beginning.

You need to define what to look for when you open the chart:

  • Is there combination of the candles that forms specific pattern that you follow
  • Is the price next to support or resistance line
  • Do you have divergence on the indicator you use
  • Is the price next to round number which usually have important meaning for traders

Only if the charts confirms you all the steps you have written that must be fulfilled, only then open the trade.

When you find the right trading signal you need to calculate what the risk will be and when you will exit from the trade.

The risk you calculate on each trade should never include loss more than 1-2% of your trading account.

You need to cut your losses immediately when the trade does not move in your way. That way you are protecting your trading account being destroyed.

One of the most important things is to protect the money you have because you need money to make money.

When you have defined the risk you need to define how much you will make on each trade.

If it is possible always use largest profit ratio compared to the loss. This means use 1:3 ratio or any ratio above that where you will make 3x times more money than you would lose.

This ratio allows you to have more bad trades than wining and still be profitable.

Emotional Balance

With emotional balance you should be patient and disciplined which will help you to follow trading strategy rules.

Many traders fail to follow their trading strategy because of lack of discipline. Discipline is there to help you being profitable with trading strategy.

If you are disciplined all rules and steps from the strategy will be followed and your trading results will emerge as profitable trader.

Being patient you allow your trading strategy rules and steps being used on the proper trading signal which at the end should give you money. If you have back tested your trading strategy then you do not need to worry.


As you can see pure holy grail trading strategy does now exist because you cannot have 100% win rate by trading Forex. You need to have at least some losing trades which is quite normal.

To have holy grail trading strategy you need to have emotional stability and trading strategy with clear rules and steps.

If you do have a plan and you follow it you will see that the holy grail trading strategy exist and it can be in a form of many different trading strategies.

Holy grail trading system is the system that gives you profit in the long run from which you can benefit and make money.

You do not need to hunt for the 100% wining strategy but hunt for the strategy with good risk to reward ratio.


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Ultimate Tutorial for Traders

This tutorial have all what is needed about trading. It includes step by step guide:

How to start trading

What are trading basics every trader must know

Risk Management

Foundation strategy with supply and demand


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