How to Fix Invalid Account in MT4

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Invalid account in MT4 is caused by the wrong account details like account ID, account password or broker server you are connecting to.

Whenever you enter incorrect login data you will have problems connecting to the trading account. And to fix invalid account in an MT4 error you need to have correct login details and a valid account which I will explain in this lesson.

If you do not acquire correct account login details you will not connect to the trading account and you will not make money by trading.

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What Does Invalid Account Mean?

Meaning of a message visible in the Journal tab of the MT4 is clean enough.

connect failed [Invalid account]

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Invalid account means you have wrong account login details. And it means you cannot enter a trading account on the broker server without providing correct login details.

Even if the message is self explanatory the cause of this message can be in different sources. From account details to the trading platform.

Let me explain all possible causes.

Why Does MT4 Say Invalid Account?

If you enter an incorrect account ID on the login window the MT4 will not connect to the broker server.

Metatrader login window

Broker server allows traders to connect over MT4 to the server with correct account login details. And if the MT4 has valid account details the server will provide all trading details.

That means you will have account details:

  • account balance
  • account trading history
  • currently active trades

If the server refuses to connect a trading account from the MT4 you will not have these details.

And to have all these details from the server you need to have correct account login data.

If you have correct account login data then the Metratrader login problem can be in some other place.

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Let’s see common errors that can happen when you try to login into a trading account.

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Account Login ID Incorrect

First error with invalid account in the MT4 can be caused by the wrong account ID.

Account ID is the account number that is recognized on the broker server. If you provide the correct account ID the server will send you correct account data.

Because each account data has different details like account balance, trading history and so on. It is unique.

The account ID you get when you register a new account. You can get an email from your broker where login details are shown.

MT4 demo password inside email

Second place where you get an account ID is inside the MT4 Mailbox after creation of a new account.

So, each time you get a login ID you need to save it somewhere you will remember where it is when needed.

MT4 demo password inside email

If you forgot your login ID and you try to login with an incorrect login account ID you will get an invalid account message. Because the server does not recognize the wrong account ID in their database.

Metatrader login problem - invalid account ID

Wrong Account Password

Second case that can cause an invalid account error in MT4 is the wrong password.

As in the case of wrong account ID you have several places where you get account passwords. But, compared to a login ID which you cannot change when you want, you can change the password to the one you like and you can remember.

If you forgot your account password you will not be able to connect to the trading account.

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And if you try to login with an incorrect account password you will get an invalid account error.

Metatrader login problem - invalid account ID

The Broker Server is Wrong

Third problem you can have is the wrong broker server you want to connect to. If you enter the wrong broker server you will get invalid account error.

The reason is in the server that is recognized on the broker side.

There can be two problems. First one is that the broker server does not exist at all.

For example in the image here you can see that I want to connect to the ICMarketsSC-Demo1 server. If that server does not exist on the ICMarkets broker side you will not connect.

If the server does exist and you miss spel server in one symbol, like instead ICMarketsSC-Demo1 you enter ICMarketsSC-Demo_1 you will not connect.

So, try to use the correct broker server which you get with email or message in MT4.

Old Account – Inactive Account

Some brokers have a time limit on the trading account where they delete the demo account after a certain period of time of inactivity.

That means, after 30 days or 90 days, depending on the broker they close your account and you cannot use it anymore.

Here I have old account which was opened 6 months ago and when I try to login into that account I get an invalid account error.

Old Inactive account

You can try for yourself. When you try to login to the old account you get an error message saying invalid account.

If that happens usually you cannot use that account anymore. And you need to open a new one. The worst thing in that case is that you cannot get your old trading history if you have one.

If you do not have any trading history on it then you can simply open a new demo account and start trading.

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Metatrader 4 Old Version

If you are using an old version of the MT4 and you try to login with your account details you will get an error that there is no connection.

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The problem with the old MT4 version is that the broker server does not support them in a way to send you updates to fix the errors. And consequently they do not allow you to connect to your account.

Old versions of the MT4 can happen if you do not allow MT4 update automatically or you do not update MT4 manually.

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The best case is to update MT4 automatically so you do not get an issue with login to your trading account.

Old Version of MT4 - account not valid

Here you can see the old version of the MT4 from 2018 where I have tried to connect with a demo account that I am using now on the latest MT4 version.

When I tried to login with account details I got an error no connection where I could not connect to the broker server.

The broker server does not allow connection from old MT4 versions so I am not able to trade.

How to Fix MT4 Saying Invalid Account

To fix MT4 invalid account error you need to do following steps:

  • Step #1 – use the latest version of the MT4
  • Step# 2 – use valid account and that means active account
  • Step #3 – use valid account ID
  • Step #4 – use valid account password
  • Step #5 – use correct broker server for that trading account

If you have all the steps above fulfilled then you will fix the invalid account in MT4 error.


Invalid account in MT4 is an error you will get if you have old account data. And that means, old MT4, old account ID meaning inactive account, old password meaning you have changed the password or old broker server that is not active anymore.

Fix all these old versions and you will fix the invalid account error on MT4 easily.

This article is part of a large tutorial. If you want to read more MT4 articles check this tutorial MT4 platform.

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Ultimate Tutorial for Traders

This tutorial have all what is needed about trading. It includes step by step guide:

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What are trading basics every trader must know

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