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Metatrader 4 login problem is a result of wrong login details like wrong account ID, wrong password or wrong server.

To fix the metatrader 4 login problem check your login details and try to log in again.

How do I Login to My MT4 Account?

To login to your Forex trading platform account you need to use MT4 login details and not your broker account details. This means that there is a difference between MT4 account details and broker account dashboard login details.

Metatrader login window

Metatrader login details are:

  • account ID
    • it is set of numbers that define your account on the broker server
  • account password
    • it is a password randomly generated by the broker server
    • after first login into Metatrader 4 you can change this password to some other you will use
  • account server

Broker Account

If you want to login into your account admin dashboard where you have an account with your broker then you would use other credentials to enter into your account.

Broker account dashboard details are:

  • username
    • most of the time it is your email you have provided when registering
    • sometimes you can get login username which is equal to some numbers which you need to use to login into admin dashboard
  • password
    • when registering with broker you define which password you will use to access your admin dashboard

Metatrader 4 Login Password

When you register your account, will it be a demo account or live account, you will receive a message with account details.

Inside that message you will have an account password you need to enter when you want to login into a trading account.

MT4 mailbox with account message

Here is an example of a message with account details. The message contains login account ID, password and Investor password.

The image here shows you an example of a demo account on MT4 I have registered for trading. The account has been registered with Metaquotes server which is free and you can open as many accounts as you want.

The message is inside the “Mailbox” tab in the MT4/MT5 platform so you can always look there for the message.

Metatrader login details

Broker Account Message

When you register a demo account with your broker usually you get account details on your email.

Broker sends you a password with account ID and server name.

broker account details

You can see that in a case when your broker sends you account details you get more details. And that is one more detail, server name.

This example has different account details because this message was sent from a broker with their account.

Metatrader 4 Login Account ID

Account ID is a number that defines your account among all other accounts on the server. If you do not enter the correct account ID you will experience metatrader login problems.

Account ID is a number and rarely, or almost never a combination of numbers and letters. Up to now I have never seen an account ID with letters. It was always with numbers.

Account ID is usually the smallest issue when you want to log into a trading platform. Because the account ID is a number which you can simply copy/paste without making a mistake.

Why Does my MetaTrader 4 Say Invalid Account?

If you enter wrong account ID you will see a message “Invalid account”. That message will be in the bottom right corner where the signal strength is shown.

Metatrader login problem - invalid account ID

The only thing I have entereg incorrectly was my account ID. So that is the reason why I got Invalid account message because the trading platform and server recognized that account is not valid.

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Metatrader login problem - wrong ID

Metatrader 4 Server

When you receive a message with login details you get information which server you should use.

If you have registered a new trading account over Metaquotes MT4 then you will use Metaquotes server. But if you have registered a trading account with another broker then you need to use their server. The server name is inside the email as I have shown you in the previous image.

Then you need to find the server in the list of available servers and select the one you need. Second option is to manually enter the name of the server in the field where Server: is written.

Metatrader login problem - server selection

If you enter the wrong server name you will get the message “No Connection”. That message appears when you do not have access to the data from the broker server.

And when you enter the wrong server name you cannot connect to the broker server. Which makes sense that you do not have access to the broker server data.

Metatrader login problem - invalid server

What Does Common Error Mean on MetaTrader 4?

Common error is a message you get when there is no connection with the broker server. As I have explained a few lines before the server connection is needed to have data feed from the broker server.

If that happens you will get common errors which can be fixed easily. To fix common error simply provide an internet connection so the trading platform can get the data from the server and send requests to the server.

Metatrader 4 Mobile Login Problem – Authorization Failed

Metatrader 4 authorization failed means that you have wrong password or account ID to connect with the trading platform. Broker server responds with a message that the account login data is wrong.

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Metatrader 4/5 authorization failed error that appears on mobile phones, smartphones or tablets.

To fix metatrader authorization error check the account ID you are using, then check the password and check the server.

Be careful with passwords because it happens that you change the initial password to one you will use and later you forget you have changed it.

If that happens you will need to open a new demo account if you are using Metaquotes MT4 and their demo account.

Read more: Forgot Metatrader 4 Demo Password

If you are using a broker account then in the admin dashboard you can reset the password or open a new account.

Metatrader login problem - authorization failed

Metatrader 4 mobile authorization error happened to me when I entered the wrong password. That means the platform could not verify my account and password on the server I have selected as a valid parameter.

To fix the authorization error on mobile phones you need to enter the correct account ID and password. And with the correct server.

authorization failed - wrong account ID

Same error happened when I entered wrong account ID. I have removed the last number from the account ID and I have tried to connect. But I could not connect and I got the authorization message.

Metatrader 5 Web Login

If you are using the MT4/5 Web platform then the same problem can happen if you make the same mistake.

To connect on MT4/5 web platform you need to have an account registered. You can have a free one with the Metaquotes server.

After registration you will get an account ID and password. That is all what you need because on the web trader from Metaquotes you are using the Metaquotes server.

Metatrader web login problem

In the image I have changed the password and tried to connect. But because of the wrong password I got a login error that I have invalid account or password.

It does not state precisely what is causing the problem, is it account ID or password. 

If you put the correct password and make a mistake with account ID you will get the same message. So have in mind that you need to check both data you have entered. Account ID and password must be correct to enter into the MT4/5 web platform.


Metatrader login problem has three possible causes and those are wrong account id, password or server.

If you use correct login data that are valid then you will not have a problem with metatrader login.

Passwords are the usual cause of this problem so try to remember the password to avoid this error.

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Ultimate Tutorial for Traders

This tutorial have all what is needed about trading. It includes step by step guide:

How to start trading

What are trading basics every trader must know

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